Are you someone that gets frequent headaches?

Helpful Lifestyle Modifications for people that get frequent headaches.

There are many reasons you can develop frequent headaches. Most of the time, there is not a dangerous cause for the headaches. There are usually very clear warning signs from the pattern of the headaches or something quite unusual discovered during the hours prior.

Pay attention to the following: as you may find it dramatically improves the headaches and lessons the need for medication. [ which we all should be looking to do ]


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* Adults should be getting a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep nightly [ even more for children ], children should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep

* The sleep schedule should not vary by more than 2 hours from weekday to weekend [ except for rare important occasions ]


* You should eat breakfast and lunch every day. Often the morning routine can be quite hectic, and breakfast is skipped. Sometimes adults, [ and children ] don’t like the choices to eat at school. Not uncommonly, a child is worried about their weight and may be skipping meals purposely in an attempt to lose weight. Sometimes the school schedule is arranged in such a fashion that they are made to go 4-6 hours in between meals.

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* Sometimes, there are particular food triggers that can set off a child’s migraine headaches. If you or your child has intermittent severe headaches, consider keeping a dietary log for the few meals prior to the headache to see if there are any consistent triggers.


* Withdrawal or ‘ rebound’ from caffeine often leads to daily headaches. Caffeine is present in many sodas, teas, coffee and energy drinks. Children often drink these because they are tired from not getting enough sleep, or simply because it has become a habit.

[ Courtesy of SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center ]

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