In today's world of productivity & innovation, people are busy juggling social media and their lives. How do we handle this PLUS get sleep?

Sleep affects every facet of life. Good sleep quality plays a role in helping a person’s brain function adequately, learning effectively, maintaining physical health, as well as assuring a happy quality of life and safety.

Poor quality of sleep has been attributed to emotional outbursts, depression and suicide.

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In today’s world of productivity and innovation, many people are busy at work, at home, and juggling many areas of their lives. In this technology driven era of creativity, hyper-connectivity has led to a 24/7 caffeine driven work culture.

Are YOU able to stay off of your phone? I have a 7 - Day Smartphone Detox Challenge.

[ Who’s up for it? ]

Finding yourself constrained for time, many try to make ends meet, with sleep getting the short end.

Comment ‘ Yes ‘, I will JOIN in the 7 - Day Smartphone Detox Challenge.

Randi, CSSC

Certified Sleep Coach Specialist

Owner and founder of The Sleep Habit Solution

Creator of Women Who Can’t Sleep Support Group