How Your Sleep Can Impact Distraction Levels

How Your Sleep Can Impact Distraction Levels

Distraction is a major modern challenge, and lack of sleep can make it worse.

There are a lot of distractions challenging us in modern life. There’s an excellent chance you’re reading this article on your smartphone. That ever-present device is a prime opponent in your battle against distractedness.


Another major contributor to distraction? Lack of sleep. Distractedness can seem like a minor problem, not least because it happens to so many of us with such frequency. An incoming email pulls us away from completing a timely task at work. The blip of a news alert causes us to lose our place in an article or a book we’re reading. But distractedness is a real and serious issue, with costs to productivity, accuracy, and safety.

Here’s how you can preemptively deal with distractions:

While we can all work to limit the distractions in our lives, much of what distracts us in any given day is beyond our control. To limit the negative impact of distractedness on your productivity, accuracy, and safety, keep these strategies in mind.

> Get plenty of sleep

> Don’t drive when you’re sleep deprived

> Schedule - and re-schedule - the time you spend in complex, concentrated work

> Create extra buffers against distraction


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