Physical Health and Stepping Outside During the Day. What's the catch?

Physical Health

While the though of a peaceful sleep may seem impossible, it is attainable. The key lies in adopting healthy sleep habits and practices.

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* Getting rid of substances that affect sleep. Many of you are addicted to caffeine, caffeine can interfere with the sleep cycle. It should not be taken at least 4-6 hours before going to bed.

* Creating the right environment - the importance of a calm, serene, cool and dark sleeping environment can’t be overstated.

I’d suggest replacing external noise such as the T.V., Use thick curtains that block the sunlight and eye masks should be used to prevent this from happening. Maintaining a cool environment [ 67 degrees ]. Your mattress should be firm. You should also replace your mattress at least every 10 years.


* Step outside during the day. The sun actually helps synchronize the sleep-wake cycle. This allows the brain the ability to be able to differentiate between daylight and nighttime. AND of course developing a sleep routine.

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Tell me how many hours you spend outside?