' Ways to Have an Evening Routine '

The sound of the alarm fills the room. But the warmth of the blanket and comfort of the bed are so inviting.

You know you need to get up. Yet, the most satisfying decision to make is to hit up the snooze button and reward yourself with few more minutes of sleep.

There you go——————- wandering in the dreamland, forgetting all the worries the day might bring. Ignoring all negativities that linger around. Dismissing all procrastination that might come next. Savoring every second of comfort that snooze can give. Then reality kicks in. You wait until the last second to get out of bed. You have no energy to start the day.

Stress starts to creep in. And before you knew it, your energy level depletes. You have no desire to continue the day. Therefore, affecting the quality of work you do.

Maybe you are like me. Establishing a grand morning routine is unachieveable for you. But tweaking some habits before you sleep creates a huge difference.

Below are some ways YOU can establish an evening routine.

8 evening routines.jpg

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