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               DETAILS OF MY PROGRAM:


At Randis Nutrition Corner, we are  designed to create new possibilities. 

Do you need  a total diet makeover or just a little tweak here and there? Either way, have I got the plan for you!!  

     * have you ever been told by your doctor that you need to watch what you eat because of problems with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, or excess weight?

     * want to reduce your risk of developing major lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as you get older; or

     * think that eating better might give you more energy and help you feel better.

Do you tend to binge when you feel stressed?  For some people, stress causes their appetite to disappear. They eat scant amounts and pay little attention to getting the basic nutrients their bodies need.  Many people eat too much food, eat less healthy food, or both, when they are stressed. 

If caloric balance is so simple, why are there more than ONE BILLION overweight adults globally? In modern society, it's simply too easy to eat a lot of calories and too hard to burn calories?    We will discuss increasing physical activity and controlling weight. 

Understanding the interaction between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

Identifying and overcoming dangerous dialogues

Modifying your negative self-talk with positive thoughts

[ psst. we know a little secret about you. You talk to yourself. No, we won't tell the psychaiatrist. We all do it. ]

What you tell yourself can have a big impact on what you do and how you feel.