Healthy Eating Every Day [ HEED ] is to help you enjoy better health by bringing your diet in line with the healthy eating patterns promoted by many health and nutrition experts around the world. To assist you, I focus on five dietary changes that most people need to make.These are the goals........

     * Increasing fruits/ vegetables

     * Decreasing fats

     * Increasing dairy products and dairy alternatives

     * Increasing whole grains

     * Balancing calories

In addition to the five HEED goals, I believe that several attitudes will be important in helping you make lasting changes in your eating habits:

     *  Focus on foods first.

     *  Believe that ALL foods can fit.

     *  Make changes you can live with.

     *  Eat a balanced diet.


Most books on diet and nutrition tell you a lot about what you shouldn't eat and some about what you should eat. Many require you to make drastic changes in your current eating habits and lifestyle. Some promote practices that are a bit strange or even downright dangerous. But the reason so many new diet and nutrition books flood the market each year is that the quick-fix approach doesn't work over time!!

How I know HEED { Healthy Eating Every Day } works? Because it is based on the materials and approaches that were tested in a recent study that were conducted at The Cooper Institute.

Changing the way you normally eat takes baby steps, but together we can achieve!!

Lifestyle & Weight Mgmt. program= 


What you will learn:

     Sessions will help you identify exactly what a healthy diet looks like, what's getting in the way of you eating in a healthy manner, and how you can set goals that will lead to lifelong changes. You will then review specific nutrition and behavior change topics such as eating out, confronting eating triggers, getting support, and preventing lapses. Each session is broken down into bite-sized pieces with practical, convenient strategies for making it all work. 

   What exactly is a healthy diet? Many people think it is all about cutting calories or reducing fat to help them lose weight or reduce their risk of heart disease. Indeed, reducing calories and fat has been the focus of many popular ' dieting' programs. And it's true that these are goals for most people. But there' much more to healthy eating than reducing calories and fat.

     For example, you could eat a very low-fat diet but at the same time not get enough milk or calcium-rich foods. This might put you at risk for osteoporosis ( weak bone ) or other health problems. Likewise, if you cut way back on calories you might not get enough protein, vitamins, or minerals for your body to work well.

     Simply put, the food and beverages we eat and drink are the primary sources of the nutrient building blocks that our bodies need. Our bodies use these nutrients to build tissues, regulate chemical processes, and generate energy to warm and move our bodies.





      Your course outline includes: 

                    Session 1: Healthy Eating: A Balancing Act

Knowing the importance of dietary balance, learning about serving sizes, and identifying personal improvements in food groups

                    Session 2: Assessing you

Assessing the health of your diet, understanding the five HEED goals, and determining your readiness to change your eating habits

                    Session 3: Setting Goals and Rewards

Learning the four characteristics of effective goals, setting effective long-term and short-term goal and rewards, and learning the important skill of self-monitoring

                    Session 4: Identifying Obstacles, Barriers, and Benefits

Identifying benefits of healthy eating, identifying barriers to healthy eating, problem solving to overcome barriers, and increasing opportunities for healthy eating

                    Session 5: Tackling Triggers

Defining hunger, identifying and dealing with eating triggers, and understanding nutrient density

                    Session 6: Eating Out

Knowing the difference between necessity eating out and special occasion eating out, learning the skill of defensive dining when eating out, and developing strategies for eating on the run

                    Session 7: Self Talk and Reflection

Understand the interaction between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, identifying and overcoming dangerous dialogues, and modifying your negative self-talk with positive thoughts

                    Session 8: Healthy Shopping Strategies

Overcoming obstacles to shopping for healthy foods, identifying the best options in each supermarket department, and using food labels to assess food choices

                    Session 9: Recruiting Support

Identifying the types of social support you need, enlisting sources of support, and recognizing people who are not supportive

                    Session 10: Re-Assessing

Learning more about the benefits of whole foods, evaluating your progress to date, and setting new goals

                   Session 11: Getting Back on Track

Preventing lapses, relapses, and collapses, and coping with lapses when they occur

                   Session 12: Cooking up a Healthy Diet

Understand the role of cooking in healthy eating, learning how to modify recipes, and finding ways to make healthy eating quick and easy

                   Session 13: Dietary Supplements and Fad Diets

Deciphering the truth about dietary supplements and fad diets, and evaluating nutrition information

                   Session 14: Balancing Calories and Physical Activity

Understanding the benefits of regular physical activity, dispelling myths about physical activity, and planning ways to become more physically active


                    Session 15: Controlling Weight

Understanding your body ma index and what it means for your health, learning about energy balance and weight management, and reassessing your HEED goals

                    Session 16: Managing Time and Stress

Identifying personal values, learning to act on priorities, and understand how stress affects eating

                    Session 17: Staying Motivated

Celebrating successes, exploring new possibilities, and beating boredom

                    Session 18: Eating in a Changing World

Understanding our toxic food environment, learning about vegetarianism and other alternative eating patterns, keeping food safe to eat, and looking ahead to new food technoligies

                    Session 19: Planning Ahead

Identifying what helped you change and planning ahead for troublesome times

                    Session 20: Celebrating Success

Assessing the health of your diet, setting new goals and rewards, and celebrating!!!!




The initial visit is a FREE COACHING lasting about 15 minutes.  At this 15 minute consultation, we'll review your goals.

                 Sessions = 1 hour

                 Package = 3 months

                 Package = 5 months

1 hour = during this 1 hour we will review your history, goals and recommend suggestions




UNIQUE FEATURES OF MY PROGRAM:  you have the option of staying in the comfort of your own home. All communication/ collaboration such as Skype, Google Hangout or iChat can be used during this program. 





                     Group Coaching is also available  = { in person or via Google video chat } / { minimum of 5 people }