You ask, ' what's the relation between blood sugar level and sleep'?


Sleep CAN affect your blood sugar levels, and your blood glucose control can also affect your sleep.

It’s a vicious cycle. As the amount of sleep decreases, blood sugar increases, escalating the issue. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetic issues.

“ There IS some evidence that sleep deprivation could lead to pre-diabetic state. There is also a link between lack of sleep and weight. People who get less sleep tend to be heavier than those who sleep well, Being overweight or obese IS a risk factor for the development of diabetes.


So, you might ask, ‘ what CAN I do to control my blood sugar level?’

Here are 7 simple tips that you can do now…………

1. Eat MORE foods that rank low on the Glycemic index [ eg: vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits ]

2. Work healthy snacks into the mix in between meals

3. Include more protein in your diet

4. Avoid skipping breakfast on a regular basis

5. Steer clear of taking in too many sugars or carbohydrates

6. Get enough exercise

7. Get the proper amount of sleep at night


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