Sleep and Appetite Connection [ What is happening? ]


You likely know there is a connection between sleep and appeitite. What you may not know is exactly what is happening with specific hormones, and how it dramatically affects you and your body’s appeitite, energy, focus and sport performance.

Why are so many people in the dark about sleep?

Well, it seems people focus on what’s happening while they are awake because………… they are consciously thinking about it……… BECAUSE THEY ARE AWAKE!!

However , sleep is MORE IMPORTANT than diet or training.


Sleep affects body energy usage and hormone regulation.

* Hormones responsible for appetite

Hormones are secretions produced by our body to regulate several mechanisms inside the body. To control body weightand appetite two hormones are responsible i.e. Leptin and Ghrelin.

* Lack of sleep and hormonal fluctuations

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Due to a shortage of sleep, the leptin levels drop in the body and the hormone ghrelin level increases that affects the appetite. It is highly recommended to take 8 hours of sleep every night to have a healthy lifestyle. Sleep not only keeps you healthy and active but also helps the brain to get rid of the effects of stress, which has similar effects on hormonal levels if not managed properly. If you have improper sleep one night, you will eat more the following day.

Sleep, appetite, and obesity

Sleep, appetite, and obesity are interrelated that’s why it is always emphasized to take proper sleep. Sleep deprivation increases the appetite by altering hormones and that can cause obesity which is the root cause of many diseases.

If you have some sleep-related issue, then try to figure out the reason and get rid of that issue. Meditation and yoga are best for having sound sleep and this will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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How many hours of sleep do you get?

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