If you are reading this blog, I'm sure you have checked out my website. If not, it is .   This site is about educating children. When I was growing up, ( around 1980's )  we were outside kicking ball, playing tennis, playing basketball, running around in the park, I'm sure you get the idea.  Today, I see all that has changed. The portions we eat have gotten bigger and the food itself has changed. Kids today are inside more playing with the X-Box or texting their friend. They aren't getting the exercise that they should be.  By not being physically active, it could lead to congestive heart failure, diabetes, eating disorders, high blood pressure, malnutrition, diseases,  lack of general nutrition.   U.S. authorities say children should be getting at lease 60 minutes of active play a day, but only one-third are getting that.


I see so many children that are overweight and not eating healthy.  They bring " junk food" to school for their lunch. Some school lunches are     " junk food" as well. Children need to be educated on how to eat better.  They need to know what the body does with the food they eat, and also to be able to distinguish between " healthy and not healthy " forms of food, and also, be able to read food labels.   A lot of times, people just pick up what they feel like having, not realizing how harmful (or helpful) the ingredients may be.  The [ nutrition label ] must be read to understand what you are really eating.


Parents can also help stop this epidemic. First off, they can make HEALTHY meals at home, instead of getting fast food.  And if you don't have time to cook a meal, just boil some vegetables. One of the main roles of a parent is being a protector for their children. As a society, we have continuously expanded our definition of what this protection entails. Millennia ago, this protection focused on simply keeping a child alive - no small task at the time. Over time, we have begun to focus on the overall welfare of children, not just their basic needs - but also trying to keep them healthy.



In order to truly change the current childhood obesity crisis, the weight of children must be viewed as a real and present danger to their future -

The Childhood obesity epidemic has become global - truly a pandemic throughout the industrialized world - When something seems impossible, it is human nature to avoid it - why invest the time if the outcome is already set? What can I do to address this crushing, worldwide problem?  Completely changing your diet can be hard, but it starts with baby steps. Together, we can end this epidemic. 


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