About ME

This is my graduation.......

This is my graduation.......

It all started when.......... 

     I was working at the YMCA. I was young, working out on the treadmill, using the weight machines and going swimming etc. While working there, I realized that there were so many children that were overweight. i asked myself, " why were these kids so overweight "?  Later on, i did some research and saw that there were millions of overweight children .  

      Years passed and i still see this phenomena. And I ask myself, " there must be something that could be done". time went on and the fire to help these kids only grew.

     I put myself through school ( as an adult ) while working full-time. today, I now have a Degree in  Healthcare Science. I am certified in the following: nutrition, weight management, personal fitness, and in first aid / aed.  

      I am inspired to help and motivate children.  I know what it feels like to be overweight because I was an overweight child.  

     I feel it is time to educate and motivate children to know the consequences of being overweight.  I believe it is through education and communicating to each other that we, as a community, can curb this epidemic. 



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